#33 Ryan Hawkins Raptors 905 Black History Month Game Worn Jersey

#33 Ryan Hawkins Raptors 905 Black History Month Game Worn Jersey

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Item Description

Game jersey worn by #33 forward, Ryan Hawkins. In honour of Black History Month, the Raptors 905 would wear this one of a kind game jersey during home games played at Paramount Fine Foods Centre on February 2nd & 4th vs the Cleveland Charge and February 6th & 8th vs the Maine Celtics.

Jersey size: XLarge

**All net proceeds will be donated to the Harris Brand Foundation Scholarship. To learn more, please visit: https://theharrisbrand.com/the-harris-brand-foundation/

About the jersey

Designed by À b í k é t h e A r t i s t.

Artist Style: Inspired by Yoruba tribal face masks and involves a heavy use of distinct African features such as full lips, broad noses & tribal marks to depict faces in an abstract manner. In particular, tribal marks are a significant part of Yoruba history as people, including my family, used it to trace back their familial ties. These elements align with the messaging of BHM which involves learning about & remembering our historical roots as Africans in the diaspora.

Design: Àbíké the Artist artwork is used on the side trims and 905 logo to create a cohesive & balanced message. The main message of the art is to celebrate all players throughout the diaspora using BHM colours and the abstract faces created using distinct African facial features. Basketballs are also illustrated through the artwork to further support this messaging.

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