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  • The latest two versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer & Safari.
  • Auction items cannot be delivered to P.O Boxes. We require a street delivery address to ensure your items reach you.
  • If you forgot your Real Sports Auction account password, click on the Real Sports Auction Login button on the top right of the Real Sports Auction page. Then click the Forgot Password? link in the menu. On the following page, enter the email address associated with your Real Sports account for us to send you a reset password link to your email. Check your email for the reset password link that we have sent you. Follow the instructions in the link provided to reset your password.
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  • You can use the Real Sports Auction Watch List feature to keep track of the items you’re not yet ready to bid on, but want to monitor closely so you can bid on them when you are ready. On each auction listing page there is a link called Add to Watch List. Click on that link to add an item of interest to your Watch List.

    You can review the full list of items you’re watching at any time by clicking the Watch List section of your Account Page.


  • After you review the Listing Information for the item that interests you, click on Bid Now and follow the directions to enter and confirm your bid.
  • No. Browsing and bidding for merchandise on Real Sports Auction is free. You are not obligated to buy anything on Real Sports Auction after you have registered. If you see something you would like to bid on you can do so quickly as a registered member.
  • A valid credit card or Visa debit card are required to place a bid.
  • To ensure fair bidding a valid MasterCard, Visa (or Visa debit), American Express, or Discover credit card will be required to place a bid. Your credit card information is required only for the first time you place a bid Real Sports Auction. A $4 authorization will be made on the credit card for validity, but you will never be charged this amount. Additional bids will not require credit card verification; however, be sure that your payment card must match the billing address entered from you Real Sports Auction account. If the billing addresses do NOT match, the transaction may fail at the close of the auction and the order will go unpaid.

    If you need to update your credit card information, you can do so at any time from the section called Billing Information > Update Billing Info within My Auction Account section.

  • All prices shown on the auction site are in CAD.
  • To increase your bid, you can do so by simply entering another bid on the auction. This bid will not change your current bidding amount if you are the winning bidder but will ensure you are still winning up until the new amount.
  • There are four steps to placing a bid on an auction. You must complete all four steps for our system to record and display your bid in a listing's Bid History.

    1. Click the Place Bid button on the listing page of the item you are viewing. You will be asked to Login if you haven't done so already.
    2. Enter your bid for the item, review your shipping address, confirm that you are 18 years or older, and click the Place Bid button.
    3. Scroll down the Bid Confirmation page, review your bid information, and check it for accuracy. At this point, you will have the opportunity either to go back and modify or correct the desired quantity and Bid amount or you can submit your bid.
    4. To place your confirmed bid click the Confirm my Bid button.


    Once submitted, you will see information about your bid indicating the bid amount placed, and if your bid is currently the winning bid. To place additional bids, click the Place Another Bid button, which is located beneath the Bid History on the Summary page. You can then enter a new bid amount according to the "Next Bid" amount as currently shown on the listing page.

    When reviewing an item's Bid History after having placed a bid, you should reload, or refresh, your browser so that it displays the most current information.

  • There are two reasons why a bid may be considered invalid:

    1. You have entered an invalid value in the "Bid Amount" field. Make sure that your bid amount contains only numbers and decimal points, i.e. 45.00. Do not enter any dollar signs ($) or commas (,) into the Bid Amount field.
    2. Your bid amount is less than the "Next Bid" value. Make sure that your bid is equal to or greater than the current "Next Bid" value shown on the listing page.


  • The Bid History should show your bid as soon as it is entered. If it doesn't appear, you may be viewing an old version of the page. Try clicking your browser's "refresh" or "reload" buttons. The Listing page updates 10-20 seconds after you make your bid to reflect the new Current Bid.
  • With Open Auctions, your maximum bid (if you are the current high bidder) will not be shown to other bidders while the current high bid amount is below that maximum bid threshold. The highest amount that will appear is one bid increment above the most recent competitive bid. As bids are placed, these will be displayed in the bid history. However, this will include bid amount and date/ time only. There will be no information visible to identify users associated with each bid.
  • We will send you an email when your bid is no longer a winning bid. However, there can be unpredictable delays in e-mail transmission. We suggest that you regularly visit the Real Sports Auction website to check your “Bidding Status” in My Account
  • If the same bidding amount is entered, the bid placed earlier in time takes priority over all bids at the same price. It can be to your advantage to get an initial bid in as early as possible to ensure time priority at your bid price.
  • If the Number of Bids in the listing info table lists more bids than are listed in the Bid History of the item, it is probably because one or more of the bidders have at one point during the auction increased an initial bid. Every bid made, whether it is an initial bid by a user, or an increase, is recorded in the Number of Bids.
  • This system offers a convenient bidding system, so you don't have to continuously login to re-bid. When you place your maximum Bid, you enter the highest price you are willing to pay for an item. Your maximum bid is kept confidential until it is exceeded by another bidder.

    The automatic bidding system will place bids on your behalf at the bid increment amount above the current high bid. The system will bid by the increment to ensure you remain the highest bidder or to meet the reserve price (if applicable), up to your maximum bid amount that was previously entered.

    If and only if duplicate maximum bids are entered, the customer who entered the maximum bid first will get priority and will be the winning bidder. If another bidder places a higher maximum bid, you will receive an email informing you that you have been outbid, and will ask you to login and place another bid.


    The current bid for an item is $100 with a $10 increment.

    Customer A enters a max bid of $200; Customer A is now winning at $110

    Customer B enters a max bid of $150

    System will now bid $160 (next bid increment) on Customer A’s behalf to ensure Customer A is still winning

    Customer B re-enters a max bid of $200 Customer A is now winning the auction at $200 because they were the first to enter a max bid of $200

  • The Bid History list only displays the current winning bid amount and losing bids manually entered by bidders. Bid History does not display losing bids placed by the system (Maximum Bid/Automatically Bidding) for a maximum bid amount.
  • Yes. If your maximum bid amount has been outbid, or you want to increase the dollar amount of your existing winning bid, you can place another bid at a higher amount. To increase your current bid amount, simply return to the listing and enter and submit a new, higher maximum bid amount (this amount is the most you're willing to pay for the item). You won't be bidding against yourself when you want to increase your maximum bid amount even though if you're the current high bidder.
  • In some cases, it might appear that a single bidder is bidding against himself. For instance, the same bidder A might bid $10, $12, $14, $16, and so on. Nothing fraudulent is going on! Most likely, you or bidder A is causing this effect by bidding against bidder B's "Maximum Bid". Bidder A is trying to find the point where his/her Bid will outbid the maximum bid being increased by proxy on each bid. At the time the maximum bid price of the bidder B is exceeded, the new bidder A will have a winning bid.
  • "Bid Extend" helps to ensure that bidders will always have a chance to challenge bids placed in the final minutes of an auction. When indicated on a listing page by the "Or Later" link, if a bid is placed during the last 5 (five) minutes of an Open or Reserve Price auction, the auction will be automatically extended for an additional 5 minutes from the time of the latest bid. You will have to refresh the listing page to get the most updated bid information for each individual listing. The auction will close once all bidding activity has stopped for a period of 5 minutes.
  • Confirmed bids may only be retracted under special circumstances and require that you submit a formal request to retract, as described below.

    Once you have submitted your confirmed bid, it can only be retracted under the following circumstances:

    1. You made a typographical error when placing a bid amount.

    2. New item information added by the seller changed your understanding of the item for which your bid was placed.

    To make a formal request to retract a confirmed bid, you must Contact Customer Service. Please include the item listing number and the reason for the retraction. All bid retraction requests received without a valid explanation will be denied. Bidders who retract their bids may not place new bids on that item unless you made a typographical error when placing a Bid amount. All bid retraction requests will be accepted or rejected Real Sports Auction with sole discretion.

  • Fixed Price Sale listings or "Buy Now" auctions have a fixed price set by the seller. Buyers simply choose to buy the item at that price. Fixed Price listings will remain active until all items have been sold or the close date and time set by the seller has been reached. Please allow 5-10 business days after you make your purchase for delivery. The end time for a "Buy Now" listing does not determine the ship window.
  • In an Open Auction, buyers bid until the auction ends. The item is then sold to the highest bidder at the end of the auction period. There is no reserve price in an Open auction. The seller must sell the item to the highest bidder. Bidding can start as low as the Opening Value (minimum price or starting amount) of the auction.

    Once the auction closes, the buyer is automatically charged and will receive an email purchase confirmation with listing details. The email will outline next steps whether the buyer selected in-store pick up or shipment. If shipment was selected, please allow 5-7 business days for your item to ship. Tracking details will be provided via email as well.



  • In a Reserve Auction, the seller sets the Reserve Price, which is higher than the Opening Value. A reserve price allows the seller to initiate bidder interest and determine the fair market value of an item. If the seller has set a Reserve Price you will see either a "Reserve NOT MET" or "RESERVE MET" message on the listing page depending on whether the current bid is below, or at or above, the reserve.

    RESERVE NOT MET- The current amount of the highest bid is below the reserve price and the item will not sell at auction close.

    RESERVE MET - The current amount of the highest bid is equal to, or greater than, the reserve price and the item will be sold.

    If the highest bid at the auction close does not meet the seller's Reserve Price, the seller is not required to sell the item unless the seller chooses to do so. In this case, the seller will have a period after the auction close in which to contact the highest bidder whose offer was below the reserve price. Bidders who are contacted under these circumstances, however, are under no obligation to purchase the item.

  • In a Reserve Price auction, the seller starts the auction at a value below the lowest price at which s/he is willing to sell (the Reserve Price) to capture the bidder interest. This way, the bidders are not forced to bid at fair market value from the start of the auction. Also, many sellers prefer Reserve Price auctions when they are not sure of the market value of an item and want to find an audience by enticing multiple bidders' interest.
  • If you have bid on a Reserve Auction, your bid may be below the Reserve Price. Even if you are the highest bidder in a Reserve Auction, you may still be losing if your bid does not match or exceed the Reserve Price. At the close of the auction, you will see either a "Reserve NOT MET" or "RESERVE MET" message on the listing page depending on whether the current bid is below, at, or above the reserve price.

  • Go to My Account and select Bid Status. From here you can view all live auctions (winning or losing) in which a bid has been placed, as well as closed auctions that you have won or lost.
  • You can monitor all your bidding activity from within the Bid Status section of your Auction Account.
  • The Real Time Bid Refresh feature is in place in order to deliver the best possible online auction experience by presenting the most up-to-date auction information, including Auction Time Remaining, Bid Count, and Current Bid Amount. When a new bid is placed or an auction goes in to Bid Extend, the most recent auction information will automatically be presented on the screen without the need to manually refresh the current browser page.
  • Real Time Bid Refresh is set to automatically deactivate after 12 minutes of inactivity on a page that presents auction data such as Auction Time Remaining, Bid Count, and Current Bid Amount. This is to ensure that, in case an active browser session is forgotten and left open, users do not have fresh data constantly feeding into their active browser session and unnecessarily using up network data. When presented with the message “Real Time Bid Refresh is no long active on the site”, users can choose to click the “Reactivate” button, which will cause the system to resume pushing up-to-date auction data into the active browser session, or users can close the browser.

  • If you are the winner, applicable provincial taxes will be charged on the final purchase price of an item.

After the Auction

  • You can locate an auction (item) you have bid on from within Bid Status section of your Account section of the Real Sports Auction website, or by entering the listing’s listing number, if known from the search page.
  • We will notify you by email if you win; although you are responsible for determining if you have won by visiting the site and checking the status of your bid in My Account
  • If you are the winning bidder when an auction closes, the Real Sports Auction will send you an email notification telling you that you have won the item(s). You are responsible for returning to the Real Sports Auction website to verify that you have won the auction. If you do not receive notice and believe you are the successful bidder, you must verify the auction status from the Bid Status section in the My Auction Account section of the auction website. As a winning bidder, the primary payment card you have on file will be automatically charged the amount of your winning Bid plus any shipping, handling, and applicable taxes.
  • Please send an email to Customer Service with the item listing number and any additional information you have regarding the order and request the shipping status.

    Below are some common reasons for auction items not being delivered or shipped on time:

    Invalid Credit Card. Please verify your credit card information by visiting your Real Sports Auction Account. If your card number is no longer valid or the expiration date has passed please login to your Real Sports Auction account and re-enter your credit card information by following the instructions below:

    1. Select "Account" on the Real Sports Auction Homepage
    2. Scroll down and select "Order History"
    3. Select the Payment Pending tab
    4. Select "Checkout" and re-enter your credit card/billing information
    5. Confirm Payment

    Please Note: In order to successfully checkout for your auction items, the billing address for your credit card must match the billing address entered for your Real Sports Auction account. If the billing addresses do NOT match, the transaction may fail at the close of the auction and the order will go unpaid. We cannot guarantee item availability if your card failed to clear after the auction close date.



  • At the time of bidding, you will see an option to, should you be the winning bidder, have your items either shipped to your address on file, or be available for pick up.

    Pick up

    • If you select item pick up, a member of our customer service team will reach out to confirm a pickup day/ time that is convenient for you.
    • There is no additional cost to pick up your item(s)
    • All pick-ups will take place at Real Sports Apparel, located beside Gate 1 at Scotiabank Arena


    • Standard shipping rates are determined based on item size and shipping location
    • If multiple items are won, shipments will be bundled to reduce shipment costs
    • Tracking information will be communicated to the customer once items are sent out


SMS Bidding

  • Once you have successfully activated text bidding. Here’s how you get started.:

    Send ; to 1-647-695-4098 and your max bid will be placed.

    You can get the auction Text reference number from both listing pages and each auction page. Look for the mobile sign!

    As an example: Sending MLSE123;20 to 1-647-695-4098 will place a maximum bid of $20 on auction with Text reference number MLSE123.

  • Standard text messaging rates apply. Please note the country of origin for the Real Sports Auctions response phone number is in Canada.
  • Please go to your account section on, where you will see the Bid by SMS section. Follow the flow on the site to complete registration.

    Please remember a credit card and approval of the terms and conditions are required for you to bid via text message.

  • Just like any auction on the site, you will be automatically charged after 48 hours the winning amount and sent a text message with your confirmation details.
  • Besides the listings that are available for Text Bidding on a listing page, there will be a field titled “Text Reference Number” and the corresponding text bidding code. The same code will also be available on the product page.
  • All SMS are proxy/maximum bids.